Trademark infringement by means of counterfeiting is a crime while ordinary infringement of a trademark is a statutory civil wrong. Criminal counterfeiting inevitably constitutes a civil infringement of the registered trademark.
Now talking about counterfeiting, it is nothing but the prosecution having the ability to prove that the goods are not genuine, meaning that they did not originate from the trademark owner or its license, which means ‘without any authorization’. In general terms, counterfeiting means wherein a product cannot be easily differentiated from that of the other as they can be confusing, similar, misleading or not original.
Apparently, to solve the issue, trademark has to be registered in respect of specific goods in classes within the jurisdiction acquiring a certificate issued by the Registrar of trademarks which provides exclusive rights to a trademark owner. This can only be achieved here at IPRINN which specifically and exclusively deals with Intellectual Property Rights.
Thus, registration of trademark is the basic and ultimate tool to enjoy the exclusive rights and have protection.